How to brag without sounding like a snob

When I read the following post, originally written by Beth Buelow of the Introvert Entrepreneur, I knew I wanted to share it with you. You all tell me you get pretty darn trigger-y with self-promotional bragging and social media and I do, too! Beth is a  professional coach, author and speaker who guides introverts to amplify their strengths and … [Read more...]

Partner Spotlight: The Introvert Entrepreneur

  Say hello to one of our January partners, Beth Buelow, founder of Introvert Entrepreneur. The Introvert Entrepreneur provides coaching, training and presentations for introverts and those who love them. Coaching services focus on two areas: Entrepreneurship and Personal Discovery. If you’re already well on your … [Read more...]

Bad business advice: Fake it til you make it

Guest post by Beth Buelow Last week, I attended a workshop about how to create a compelling business vision and purpose. As part of the process, we were asked to name our core values, going so far as to narrow it down to one, unshakable value that we held near and dear. Even when faced with a long list of lovely words, such as abundance, … [Read more...]

Why I went on a social media diet

Guest blogger Beth Buelow is Founder and CEO of The Introvert Entrepreneur. A few weeks ago, my business coach threw down a challenge. No social media for five full days. No Facebook. No Twitter. No blogging. No lurking, no sneaking, no peeking. I had to go cold turkey. And it was going to be painful. I mean, I use each of those tools … [Read more...]