There is no ‘there’ to get

Guest post by Lena L. West, Social Media Strategist.

Recently, I participated in a teleclass about heading boldly into the New Year.

And, one of the participants said, "I know my mission in life, but I didn't get there yet."

Walk with me…

Now, I'm a firm believer in having people around to support me on my road to success. I'm the kinda person who has a business coach, a mastermind group, two Power Partners, a vision coach, a wellness coach and it goes on and on. Well, my wellness coach (and now friend!) Cheryl Miller calls it a "success environment" and boy is she right.

Before I started working with Cheryl, I was working with a body work practitioner couple, Giten and Rohi, and they were awesome and very talented. Giten used to say something all the time and I never understood what he meant until the past couple of years. He used to say, "There is no 'there' to get to. There's only the journey." Now, I know many, many people have said that, but Giten was the first person to say it to me and now I get it.

So, back to the person I mentioned above, and them "arriving at" their mission…

A mission isn't someplace you "get" to. A mission, in the most precious, whole sense of the word, is an on-going, ever changing quest. It's what wakes you up and keeps the coal fires stoked in your solar plexus. (Tweet this tidbit!)

So, often, as women, we rush ourselves.

  • We're sick and we're quick to tell everyone exactly our plan of action for getting un-sick.
  • We lose a loved one and we want to know how long is a normal length of time to grieve.
  • We suffer an embarrassing setback that takes the wind out of soul and our sails and we tell people it's no big deal.
  • We're hurt by a friend and they want us to "get over it already."

We're always trying to get *there* and in the end, I think this…THIS wanting to rush past the yucky, crappy feelings…wanting to steamroll over the speed bumps…this is why staying in the rhythm of that mission often eludes us. We find ourselves waaay off track…uptown somewhere, when we need to be downtown or across town (not literally, but figuratively).

Guess what? These women are also at the helms of their own companies, organizations and teams; and, if they do this drive-by missioning (yes, I just made that up) in their personal lives, what do you think they do in their professional lives? How you do anything is how you do everything.

I have copy of Zappo's 2009 Culture Book and if you want to see commitment to a mission, check out THAT company. Not every company can be purchased by and have their brand survive to not only tell about it, but to write the book about it. What if the good folks at Zappo's had the idea that they had arrived at their mission? I shudder to think…no, they keep striving and keep going…trying to be better with each call, order and return.

Back in San Fran a few years back, I met Tony Hseih, Zappo's CEO, at a conference – actually this was a few months before Zappo's was purchased by and Tony said something I thought was mind-blowing, he said that when Zappo's realized that wanted to purchase them a non-negotiable pre-requisite of even accepting a phone call from was that Zappo's would get to keep their own operations and their own identity.

That doesn't sound like a company that plans to "arrive at their mission", to me it sounds like they have every intention to keep going. 

Lena L. West helps women entrepreneurs use social media and is the Founder of Real Women Do Social Media. Find her at Authentic Influencer.

Power Chicks Chime In: Do you have a sense or mission, or are you too busy scurrying to get "there"? I have moments of "coals stoking my solar plexus" but many more in a hairied-don't-tary rush to "arrive." How about you? Lynn xoxo



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  1. Renessa says

    Lena – LOVE your perspective in this article. I’m writing a book titled Fast Lane, Wrong Direction which speaks so much to the principles you covered in your article. Bravo! Every woman should hear this.

  2. says

    Love your blog. Can really relate. I have learned that life is living in the moment. Life is in the now. Life is what is happening between point A & point B. Life is the journey. I wrote a book & was so excited to get it published.

    After publication, I realized that the actual writing, getting the art work, getting an ISBN, creating a publishing company, etc. were as exciting if not more so than actually having the book in hand. As you mentioned, so many of us are waiting to arrive somewhere often to happiness & we need to realize that happiness is right now and an inside job. Love you as you are now and enjoy the moment. It has much to teach us. We are all magnificent, beautiful, sensual, powerful, & wise just as we are – any size, any age, & any ethnicity.

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